Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Relief from Your Louisville, KY, Chiropractor

The pain of a herniated disc can completely disrupt a person’s normal daily routine.  Our chiropractor is highly experienced at recognizing the symptoms of this injury.  We use only natural therapies that avoid surgery and medication for patients who visit our Skye Chiropractic practice in Louisville, KY.


Overview of Herniated Discs

Understanding a bit about the structure of the spinal column is helpful in dealing with a herniated disc problem.  Discs with soft centers and hard covers sit between the bones that comprise the spine. An abnormality with any of these parts can cause herniated discs.  Disc herniation occurs when the material that fills the center of the disc manages to push through a break in its exterior.  In most cases, an injury is the culprit, although age is sometimes a factor. 

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Very rarely does a herniated disc fail to cause pain.  The patients our chiropractor typically sees often complain of significant discomfort.

Arm or shoulder pain can be caused by a herniated disc in the cervical spine. Discomfort in the buttocks, thigh, or calf is usually the result of a herniation of a disc in the lower back.  Patients who describe numbness, tingling, or difficulty holding items are often surprised to learn that herniation can affect muscles.

Treatment from Our Chiropractic Practice

The objective of chiropractic treatment is assessing the entire spine, determining why the patient has a problem, and eliminating the difficulty instead of simply treating its symptoms.  Our chiropractor utilizes natural, safe, and noninvasive therapies that avoid medication and surgery to treat our patients.

Relief begins with an initial consultation at our Louisville, KY, clinic.  A diagnosis of a herniated disc follows evaluating the individual’s health history, performing a comprehensive physical examination, and assessing his or her symptoms and complaints.  Our practice offers patients the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment.

Following a positive diagnosis, our doctor creates a customized treatment plan for each individual.  The primary chiropractic therapies for this disorder include:

  • Adjustments, also known as spinal manipulations
  • Prescribed physical exercises and stretches
  • Advice regarding helpful lifestyle changes

Some patients with herniated discs also benefit from the use of massage.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Louisville Chiropractor

Pain from an auto accident, injury, or other cause can significantly restrict the lifestyle you love.  Our chiropractor believes that most ailments and illnesses are at least in part due to spinal problems and uses only safe, noninvasive, and natural options to treat them.  Take your first step toward relief today by calling our Skye Chiropractic practice in Louisville, KY, at 502-454-4441 to schedule an appointment.


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