Back Pain Treatment in Louisville KY

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Back pain can be a debilitating ailment that has an impact on many people's lives across the world. Unfortunately, many situations can cause back pain, including an accident or injury, bad posture, weak muscles, or a variety of other risks that can be hard to avoid. If you are struggling with back pain of any kind, it is a good idea to have your back examined by our professional chiropractors at Skye Spine & Knee Center in Louisville KY. Our chiropractors can provide you with a variety of services that can help lead to long-term relief from back pain in Louisville KY.

Consultation and Evaluation in Louisville KY

When you meet with your chiropractor, the first thing that he will do is provide you with a consultation and evaluation. While back pain is very common, the cause and source of the pain vary considerably from one person to the next. We will aim to find the root cause of your back pain and then provide you with a treatment plan going forward.

Back Pain Treatment Plan

Once you have been evaluated, your chiropractor will work to develop a back pain treatment plan that is personalized for you and your situation. This can include coming up with a plan for back therapy to strengthen your muscles, deep tissue and muscle massage therapy, and even spinal realignment. All of these services will help strengthen your back and encourage better blood flow, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in pain.

Ongoing Support

Most importantly, you will receive ongoing support that can help you live without pain for a long time. Your doctor will give you tips on how to manage your back pain by providing you with exercises to do at home and by making lifestyle changes. Ultimately, this will help you keep your back strong and avoid living with the pain.

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If your back pain is affecting your life, contact Skye Spine & Knee Center in Louisville KY today at (502) 454-4441 to schedule an appointment. Our chiropractic team will be able to provide you with an evaluation to determine exactly what is causing your pain. Based on this evaluation, your chiropractor can start a treatment plan that will get you onto the road to recovery.


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