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Head to Our Louisville Chiropractor for Pain Relief

Louisville chiropractor helps with migraine pain.jpgHeadaches and migraines can be debilitating, but they do not have to be a way of life. We here at Skye Chiropractic have the tools and experience to pinpoint the cause of your headache or migraine and the techniques that can bring you relief. While taking an over-the-counter medication may work to bring temporary relief from the agony and pain, our Louisville chiropractor aims to get to the root cause of the problem, which is particularly essential for recurring pain caused by a musculoskeletal issue.

Headache and Migraine Causes May Stem From Personal Injury and Misalignment of the Spine

Injuries are a common cause of headache pain, especially a personal or car accident injury that leads to whiplash. Whiplash can cause muscle damage in the neck which may result in headache and neck pain. The muscles on the side of the neck, known as the sternocleidomastoid, can develop sensitive areas called trigger points that refer the pain to the head area. Subluxations are another cause of headache pain, with a misalignment in the spinal or cervical vertebrae to blame. Injuries or poor posture can be behind subluxations, which our chiropractor can correct by realigning the spine. Adjustments have been highly effective for headache and migraine pain as well as agony in the neck area.

A headache or migraine can also be set off by stress and other triggers. Emotional turmoil can be a trigger, as can changes in the weather as well as specific odors and foods. A headache may arise from the nitrate compounds found in hotdogs and other processed meats, foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG), and foods high in the amino acid tyramine, such as fermented and pickled items. We can suggest lifestyle and dietary changes that can help ward off a headache or migraine while our chiropractic techniques can also help with neck pain, back pain or pain elsewhere throughout your body.

What do you do for headache and migraine relief?