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Does Your Back Pain Cry Out for a Louisville Chiropractor?

Louisville chiriopractor helps with back pain.jpgBack Pain: Its Causes and Effects

Maybe you know exactly what you did to injure your back, or maybe you have no clue -- it just started hurting, and the pain will not recede for more than brief periods no matter what you try. Where does this pain come from, what does it mean, and how can you make it go away? Some causes include:

Injuries - People who experience an auto accident injury or other personal injury can do serious damage to the discs that support and cushion the spinal vertebrae. The force of an impact can jar the vertebrae out of their normal alignment, a condition we chiropractors call subluxation. If subluxation also occurs in the cervical vertebrae of the neck, you end up with whiplash in addition to back pain.

Congenital or chronic conditions - If you were born with a skeletal imbalance or grew up with poor posture, years of unequal pressure on your spine may have led to your current discomfort. Or you may be suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis or spinal stenosis, a narrowed spinal canal that puts pressure on nerves.

The pain you feel from a spinal imbalance may occur locally or it may migrate to other parts of your body, a phenomenon called referred pain. In the case of sciatica, for instance, nerve pressure from the injury sends shooting pains down your leg. You may also experience loss of function, muscle wasting or weakness.

Pain Management for Louisville Pain Sufferers

A painful back will only disable you further unless you get the proper treatment, which is where we come in. At Skye Chiropractic we offer non-invasive, non-surgical pain management without painkillers. Our chiropractor will evaluate your current condition and medical history and then employ precise adjustments to realign your spinal column. Nerves, muscles and discs start to heal -- and the pain goes away.

What is the worst case of "bad back" you ever had? Tell us what happened!