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Learn About Pain Management for Fibromyalgia at Skye Chiropractic

pain management from Louisville chiropractor.jpgIf you have chronic back pain, neck pain, or headaches, or suffer from the pain of fibromyalgia, our Louisville chiropractor at Skye Chiropractic can teach you about pain management. Dr. William T. Perks and the rest of our professional, experienced staff, can provide the treatment solutions you need to get on the path to optimal health and wellness.

Fibromyalgia: Description and Common Symptoms

The word "fibromyalgia" derives from Latin and Greek words meaning "fibrous tissue" and "muscle pain," respectively. This chronic disorder remains elusive in discovering why or how it occurs, other than being stress-related, and why it mainly afflicts women, since as many as 90 percent of all patients are female. Patients are diagnosed with fibromyalgia when they experience pain in all four quadrants of the body (both sides, and above and below the waist) for a period of three months or longer.

The primary symptoms of fibromyalgia include chronic fatigue, all-over bodily pain, and as many as 11 to 18 tender points to touch, covering multiple parts of the body. Some of the secondary symptoms include morning soreness and stiffness, sleep disturbances and restless leg syndrome, numb or tingling sensations in limbs, sensitivity to temperature changes, and what is commonly called "brain fog" or difficulty thinking and recalling.

How to Manage the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Our chiropractors can help you learn to manage the pain of fibromyalgia. While it is a difficult and chronic condition, certain therapeutic techniques and procedures can help alleviate the pain and relax tension in the muscles. Gentle adjustments, trigger point therapy, and cold laser therapy are some of the methods we use to help our patients experience pain relief, healed tissue, and restored movement.

What fibromyalgia symptoms do you have? How often do you experience headaches, back pain, or neck pain?