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Personal Injury on the Job

Louisville chiropractor helps with personal injury.jpgEven if you work a desk job, you can still suffer from a work-related personal injury. Work-related injuries range from headaches and migraines to carpal tunnel syndrome, if you spend your day in front of a keyboard and computer monitor. Physically demanding jobs can lead to neck pain and back pain. At Skye Chiropractic, our chiropractor, Dr. William T. Perks, provides pain management and chiropractic care for a number of on-the-job injuries.

Types of Work Personal Injury

Repetitive movements, whether you are typing all day, kneading bread in a bakery, or playing a musical instrument, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a common work injury. If you suffer from carpal tunnel, you likely feel numbness or tingling in the wrist area. Your hands may have trouble gripping items or may feel weak.

Overexertion on the job can also lead to injury and pain in the back and neck. If you have a job that requires you to lift or pull heavy objects, you may overexert yourself and experience pain. Another common work injury results from bending constantly to lift an object or bending to reach objects on a lower level. Some injuries occur because conditions at a job site are unsafe and the worker slips and falls or hits a part of the body on a surface.

Poor posture at a desk can cause a chronic tension headache as well as pain in the neck. Eye strain is another common problem that afflicts office workers who stare at a monitor all day.

Pain Management and Care for Work Injuries

Louisville chiropractor Dr. Perks provides chiropractic care for pain management of work-related injuries. Spinal adjustments not only help relieve pain in the back, they also relieve headache pain and pain related to carpal tunnel injuries. Unlike pain medications, which simply cover up the source of the pain, chiropractic treatments enable the body to heal itself, treating the problem from within.

Have you suffered an injury at work? How did you treat it?