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Welcome to the Blog from Our Louisville Chiropractic Center!

Louisville chiropractor helps with pain management.jpgHello and a warm welcome to the blog forum of Skye Chiropractic in Louisville. Our Louisville chiropractor, Dr. William T. Perks is highly experienced and takes the "whole person" approach to healing patients. Pain management and wellness are always achieved far more easily when the entire body is well. From spine care, joint range of motion, injury rehabilitation, flexibility, posture, energy, nutrition, fat loss, and hormonal balancing, we take a nose-to-toes approach to reaching your health goals.

Pain Management and Personal Injury Help

Many of our clients arrive here at Skye Chiropractic because they need help with pain management. In many cases this is due to an unexpected injury such as a car accident injury or a personal injury that may have happened at work or at home. Sometimes a patient may suffer from an injury or disorder that is harder to define, but our chiropractor can achieve amazing results even in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, respiratory and digestive disorders, and mental illness.

The spinal column has a big impact on your entire body: The intricate web of nerves that are connected to the spine deliver messages (such as pain messages) to the other areas of your body. This is the reason that neck pain, headaches, and back pain - whether upper or lower back pain -- can be tied to the way the spinal column is aligned. When the spine is misaligned, problems inevitably come up in many areas. We are dedicated to correcting spinal problems and helping you to achieve your health goals.

We plan to use this blog to connect with our clients in an informal way, and we want to be here for any concerns or questions that you may have. What you would like to learn about in the next blog? We'd enjoy hearing from you!