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Whiplash: What It Is and How We Will Help

Louisville chiropractor helps with whiplash pain.jpgDr. William T. Perks and staff at Skye Chiropractic are here to help patients who have been hurt in a car accident injury. If you have been dealing with neck pain, back pain, headaches, or need overall pain management following your accident you have chosen well. Dr. Perks is strongly committed to healing every patient who suffers from whiplash by using the most natural and most non-invasive chiropractic methods available. To really understand why you are hurting and what can be done for it, we find that it helps when our Louisville chiropractor explains more about whiplash and what it is. The more you know, the easier it is to understand, so this post is dedicated to the topic of whiplash.

Our Louisville Chiropractor Explains Whiplash

Whiplash is often -- but not always -- the result of a car accident injury. When the neck snaps downward, upward, or rapidly out of position in any way as with a car accident impact, you may start to experience pain in the neck. This may be accompanied by a headache, pain in the upper back, and even pain in the lower back. Whiplash can include all of these symptoms or others symptoms as well. Our Louisville chiropractor is skilled in dealing with all of these symptoms and will help you on the road to wellness.

The reason that chiropractic care can help with whiplash injury is because it will allow your spine to return to its rightful alignment. The discs in the back and neck, the tendons that connect body tissues, and the muscles that support your spine can all be seriously affected by an accident -- and these are all an integral part of your spine.

To eliminate the neck pain, back pain, and other symptoms, Dr. Perks will implement spinal adjustments and therapeutic treatments that will correct the alignment, and release you from pain. 

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