Louisville Personal Injury

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Injury Recovery

None of us plans to experience the circumstances of a personal injury. The injuries sustained can be frustrating, keeping you from your activities of daily living. Whether your injury is a result of a sports related incident, work or car accident or otherwise, at Skye Chiropratic we are committed to assisting you on your journey to re-gain total wellness and relief from personal injury so you may continue enjoying all of the activities you love

Louisville Personal Injury

All aspects of pain associated with injuries including neck pain, back pain, headaches and migraines can be treated safely and effectively by our team. We understand that the experience of a personal injury can also result in an emotional response from your system. This is perfectly normal and shouldn't cause alarm. At Skye we are dedicated to moving you beyond your pain while addressing all aspects of your health. Please feel comfortable to tell us the "bigger picture." All of the details you provide regarding your experience will help us create your personal injury plan for relief.

Personal Injury Relief and Recovery at Skye Chiropractic

Personal injury can occur in a myriad of situations and experiences leaving behind headaches and spinal back pain. In some cases the injuries sustained may have been a result of high impact while others can occur with less force. Because pain can sometimes occur as a late onset, that is, it may not be experienced until long after the incident, it is essential to schedule to get into see your chiropractor directly after your personal injury. Was your injury a result of an athletic or sports related incident? Perhaps you've experienced an injury while on the job. Regardless of the injury cause, the Skye Chiropractic team works together to develop a plan that evaluates your unique situation. Together we'll develop a comprehensive plan to address each facet of recovery.

Recovery from a personal injury involves several key aspects to getting you the relief you need. A postural screening is first performed to assist in understanding where and how the force you experienced is causing the most misalignment and back pain. In many instances an x-ray will reveal useful information to help our team develop the plan to begin the re-alignment process. Your experience of back pain and neck pain could be a result of compression or misalignment from the impact of force from injury. Because headaches and migraines commonly accompany injuries, an x-ray and full physiological evaluation may be necessary for your successful treatment.

Stiffness, pain, fatigue and lack of range of motion are familiar to those who've experienced an injury. Don't let your injury start giving you headaches. Instead, start the healing process today with our Skye team of seasoned professionals. With our Louisville chiropractors you can begin to experience relief from these concerns to get back into your groove. We look forward to seeing you soon!